2013 10 23


Tom Tykwer and Stefan Arndt, together with screenwriters and directors Achim von Borries and Hendrik Handloegten, are working on „Babylon Berlin“, the adaptation of the bestselling books by Volker Kutscher – as a large-scale TV series in German, focussed on international audiences.

2013 06 25

A Hologram for the King

Tom Hanks and Tom Tykwer are teaming up to adapt A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING by Dave Eggers.

2013 04 30

5 Lolas for CLOUD ATLAS

5 awards for CLOUD ATLAS at German Film Academy Awards

2013 04 10

CLOUD ATLAS nominated for the German Film Awards

CLOUD ATLAS leads the German Film Academy Nominations with nine nominations!

2013 03 20

CLOUD ATLAS Blu-Ray & DVD release dates

The CLOUD ATLAS Blu-Ray und DVD release dates have finally been confirmed: May 14 in the U.S., April 16 in Germany.

2013 03 16


CLOUD ATLAS released in cinemas in Japan and France on March 15 –

2013 03 15


New feature from "One Fine Day Films"

2013 02 16


A collaborative tribute to Rosa von Praunheim

2010 03 10

In Between

An article by Tom Tykwer about digital cinema



2012 06 18

One Fine Day Film Workshop 2012

African filmmakers telling their own stories, this is what One Fine Day Film Workshop is about.